2015 Burlington

2015 Burlington


Crafted from estate grown L'Acadie Blanc grapes fermented in a large French oak barrel. Try this wine with planked salmon, pork chops, or aged cheddar.

Vintage Information:
The 2015 growing season started a few weeks later than usual due to unusually high snowfall through the winter which delayed spring by a couple weeks. Spring was dryer and warmer than usual which allowed the vines to make up for the late start but kept the crop to a reasonable level. Summer and autumn were fairly average with autumn rains holding off until very late in the season leading to a particularly clean harvest.

Winemaker’s Notes:
Fermented and aged in a French oak Demi-Muid (600L barrel) and aged for nine months. The larger format barrel reduces the flavours imparted to the wine by the oak while maintaining the micro-oxygenation through the wood. Micro-oxygenation helps to add weight and body to the wine. Monthly bâtonnage (stirring of the lees) was carried out, until the wine was ready for bottling, to add even more weight and mouthfeel to the palate.

Tasting Notes:
The nose shows notes of apple, peach, lemon blossom and chalk, with hints of vanilla and butterscotch. The palate reveals similar notes, with plenty of midpalate weight, leading to a crisp, mineral, spiced apple, and vanilla finish.

Suggested Food Pairings:
This wine pairs well with aged cheddar, pancetta, pâté, pork chops, and plank salmon.

Technical Information:
Alcohol/Volume: 11.2%
Total Acidity: 9.5g/L
Residual Sugar: 2.2g/L
pH: 3.15

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