2017 Tidal Bay

2017 Tidal Bay


Nova Scotia's unique appellation wine.

Grape: 50% L’Acadie Blanc, 26% Vidal, 20% Geisenheim 318, 2% Petite Milo, 2% Ortega

Vintage Information:
The 2017 growing season started off fairly typical.  Spring and summer delivered a little more rain than usual but the growing season was otherwise on par with most of the last decade.  A particularly warm fall, with many warm nights through October and in to November, led to an above average level of ripeness in the grapes as well as lower than usual acidity.

Winemaker’s Notes:
This wine is a blend of eight separate ferments.  A complex combination of different yeasts, fermentation vessels, terroirs, and of course different varieties were used to build as much character into this wine as possible.

Tasting Notes:
The nose shows notes of melons, citrus, plum, and lavender, with hints of spice and minerality.  The palate is rich yet crisp, with ripe fruit and mineral notes.  The finish shows more melon and citrus, with a dash of spice, and lingering minerality. 

Suggested Food Pairings:
This wine is best paired with Nova Scotian seafood.  Tidal Bay will also pair very well with sushi, chicken, and risotto.  This wine also pairs surprisingly well with hot and spicy food.

Technical Information:
Alcohol/Volume: 9.6%
Total Acidity: 9.5g/L
Residual Sugar: 19.8g/L
pH: 3.15

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